Mar 22

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[Resolved]Error saving media attachment

[Resolved]Error saving media attachment

Unable to upload new document to WordPress media nor able to view them.

There are many reasons which can cause this kind of errors with WordPress.

1. Any recent plugins update or installations might have effected WordPress Media.

Just check it out the recent plugins has any feature related features which can connect with WordPress Media.

We need to analyze whether any WordPress Media settings has been overridden by installing the plugins. If yes, we need to uninstall the plugins.

Remember that we need to uninstall the plugins because just deactivating will not work.

2. Any recent WordPress updates.

Any recent WordPress updates can also cause of this kind of error. Any unsuccessful update where updated broken.

We need to analyze out the folder structure under wp-content\uploads. Check it folder and file level permissions.

Folder permission should be least 755.

3. Any features update must have overridden the WordPress media settings. [Resolved]

Any updates which must have overridden Media settings under WordPress>>Settings>> Media.

Uncheck check-box Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders

Once you uncheck the checkbox and try uploading any thing in Media library. It will work and store your all documents directly under wp-content\upoads.

But still previously uploaded documents will not show if they were uploaded by choosing Organize my uploads into mouth-and year based folders features. Check below resolution steps to resolve if you are still facing this issue.

4. WordPress server migration. [Resolved]

We ran into the same issue after migrating WordPress from one server to other server.

We were able to locate our all images under wp-content\uploads\2013\02 by URL and FTP but we ended with same issues.

Resolution Steps:

We downloaded all folders like. 2013/03  2013/04 2013/05 etc. from  wp-content\uploads via FTP.

We renamed or deleted all folders under wp-content\uploads and uploaded again which we download to our local via FTP.

Basically the idea is to refresh the path by downloading and uploading the same files and folders again.

After this 100% this issue must resolved.



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