Dec 26

How to install .Net Framework remotely over list of machine?

Steps to install .Net Framework on more than one server.

To install .Net Framework remotely.

1. Copy the setup to a file share ( Check permission over all server’s)

2. Create a text file “List.txt”  and copy all list of server name.

3. Open command prompt with administrator privileged. ( Runas Admin)

4. Go to text file root directory and run below command.


for /f %i in (list.txt) do start /min cmd.exe /c psexec -s \\%i \\MYSHARE\NetFramework4_0\dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe /q /log \\MYSHARE\%i_log.htm


Note: Server should have PSEXEC command installed. ( Default installed over Windows 2008 and above)

To Verify the installation, please check log.htm file.



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Dec 24

How to hide Help Screen Option Tab in WordPress?

Steps to hide Help Screen Option Tab in WordPress.

Go to your Theme folder i.e wp-content/themes/MyTheme/

Add below code under Function.php file.
add_filter( ‘contextual_help’, ‘mytheme_remove_help_tabs’, 999, 3 );
function mytheme_remove_help_tabs($old_help, $screen_id, $screen)
{ $screen->remove_help_tabs();
return $old_help; }


Above code will help in customizing WordPress and remove Help Screen Option from WordPress.

This is an example of making customization by adding few codes to disable certain tabs and windows in WordPress.

Concept is to customize look and give a professional look to your blogs. Hiding that you portal is develop under WordPress.

Note: Make sure to backup your Themes before applying any upgrade because any upgrade to the theme will override your customization.

Note all customization points like. Customized file name, path, date, customization area, version, remarks.

This will help in upgrading your theme and restoring your customization items.



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Dec 24

How to remove WordPress Screen Option Tab?

Hide WordPress Screen Option Tab from Dashboard

Go to your theme’s folder under wp-content/themes/MyTheme.

Open Function.php and paste below code at very bottom and feel like winner!!

// Hide admin ‘Screen Options’ tab

// Hide admin ‘Screen Options’ tab

function remove_screen_options_tab()
    return false;
add_filter('screen_options_show_screen', 'remove_screen_options_tab');

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