Feb 18

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How to kill remote session via command?

How to kill remote session via command.

When a remote desktop connection reaches maximum number of connection and users are unable to login.

Please don’t restart the server to reset remote desktop connection.

Use below dos commands to list and disconnect active connections.

List Active session:

C:\Users\user01>qwinsta /server:DBServer01

SESSIONNAME       USERNAME                 ID  STATE   TYPE        DEVICE

services                                                            0  Disc

console                                                             1  Conn

rdp-tcp#0                                User01             2  Active  rdpwd

rdp-tcp#1                                User02             3  Active  rdpwd

rdp-tcp                            65536  Listen


Kill Active session by session ID:

C:\Users\user01>rwinsta 3 /server:DBServer01

Note: If there is no output it means command ran successfully.


Go ahead and login to server after killing active session.



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