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Windows Server 2012

Step by step Windows Server 2012 installation

Now that we have everything we need, We can Start:

1- Insert the Windows Server 2012 DVD, and once you get the following message press Enter to boot from the setup

Win 2012_1



2- Wait for a while till the setup loads all necessary files (Depending on your machine, it will take couple of minutes)

Win 2012_2







3- Once the setup files are loaded, the setup will start with the following screen. You can change these to meet your needs (the default values should be fine for now)

Win 2012_3







4- Once you click Next, you can start the installation, click “Install now”

Win 2012_4







5- You will see the following screen, wait until it finishes loading


Win 2012_5







6- In the following setup screen, you will see four options. Select Windows Server 2012 DataCenter Evaluation (Server With GUI).

Win 2012_6






7- After you click Next from previous screen, Read the License terms, tick the “I accept the license terms” and click Next

Win 2012_7






8- Now It will ask you for the drive (or partition) you want to install Windows on. Here I’m installing it on the one partition I have here. NOTE: This will remove the content of the partition. Either you create a partition to install windows on, or you can test this on a testing machine

Win 2012_8







9- Now once we picked our partition, clicking on next from previous screen will start the setup. This process might take a while.

Win 2012_9






10- Once the setup is done, it will restart and start your Windows Server 2012 for the first time. It will ask you then to set up a password for the Administrator user

Win 2012_11







11- The setup will finalize your settings, might take a couple of minutes

Win 2012_12






12- Once the setup is done, you can log in for the first time to your Windows Server, as the screen says, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to log in, and use the password you set in the setup process

Win 2012_13







13 – Once you Log in, Windows Server 2012 will show the Server Manager

Win 2012_14

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