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Installation Guide

Step by step installation guide

1. Steps to install Active Directory over Windows Server 2008.

2. Steps to enable IIS over Windows Servers 2008.

3. Steps to install Windows Server 2008.

4. Steps to install DNS Server over Windows Server 2008.

5. Steps to install SQL Server 2008.

6. Steps to install Windows cluster over Windows Server 2008.

7. Steps to install SQL Server 2008 Failover Cluster:

8 . Steps to create DFS route.

9. Steps to install Network Load Balancer over Windows Server 2008.

10. Steps to install HyperV over Windows Server 2008.

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Active Directory

HOW TO INSTALL ACTIVE DIRECTIVE ON WINDOWS SERVER 2008. Step 1: Right click on my computer and choose properties. Step 2:click the computer name tab. then change the server name SRV 1 (or as you want.) then OK.   Step: 3 Assign the ip address to the server. Go to the my network place -select properties …

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How to install IIS 7 over Windows Server 2008. 1. Click Start now Right click Computer >Manage to open the Server Manager window 2. Right Click Roles under Server Manager and then click add Roles 3. You will now be presented with the“Add Roles Wizard: Select Server Roles” window. On the left hand side under the “Before You Begin” section Click “Server Roles”on the right hand side and tick the …

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Windows Server 2008

How to install Windows Server 2008  Insert the appropriate Windows Server 2008 installation media into your DVD drive. If you don’t have an installation DVD for Windows Server 2008, you can download one for free from Microsoft’s Windows 2008 Server Trial website. 2. Reboot the computer. 3. When prompted for an installation language and other regional options, make your selection and press Next. 4. Next, …

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Win 2012_1

Windows Server 2012

Step by step Windows Server 2012 installation Now that we have everything we need, We can Start: 1- Insert the Windows Server 2012 DVD, and once you get the following message press Enter to boot from the setup     2- Wait for a while till the setup loads all necessary files (Depending on your …

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SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 Installation Step 1: Click on Setup.exe Step 2: Accept license terms.                               Step 3: Select Services which you want to activate in installation. Some of them are optional.                     …

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