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IIS Concept

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HTTP Status Code

For each request, webserver returns http status code. This codes depicts how a request was responded by server to the client. It also helps in troubleshooting any problem with the website or its supporting infrastructure. HTTP Status Code List: 400 – Bad      request. 401 – Access      denied. IIS defines several different 401 errors …

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IIS Authentication

How IIS Authentication works and what are the types of IIS Authentication? It helps in providing a secure connection between the client & server. 1.  Anonymous Authentication: – Anonymous authentication allows user to access web sites and FTP sites without providing username and password. When a user accesses a site, IIS uses the Internet Guest …

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IIS Logs

Types of IIS Logs. 1. NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Application) Common log file format 2. Microsoft IIS log format 4. W3C Extended log file format (World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 5. Open database connectivity (ODBC) logging All successful and unsuccessful attempt will be logged access log files when we enable logging for an IIS …

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