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How to start/stop IIS   services from command prompt

To restart IIS services                                                          iisreset /restart
To stop IIS services                                                                iisreset /stopTo start IIS services                                                               iisreset /start
To check the status of the IIS services                                   iisreset   /status
To start the SMTP service                                                        net start smtpsvc
To start the FTP service                                                          net start msftpsvc
To start world wide web services                                           net   start w3svc
To start the HTTP SSL service                                                 net Start HTTPFilter

AppCmd : IIS Comand line Administration tool:  

List , Set, Add, Delete are the 4 supported command

Open Cmd through run as administration

Goto C:WindowsSystem32inetsrv

1)appcmd list site  (Will get configured list of site from server)

OutPut : SITE “WebAPP.1” (id:12,bindings:http:/*:8091,Status:Started)

2)appcmd list app (Will get application pool for all configured sites)

3) appcms add backup “backupName”   (BK will b created in inetsrvbackUp with following files metaBase.xml,  MBSchema.xml, webdav_schema.xml, redirection.config, administration.config, applicationHost.config )

4) Appcmd list backup (Will get all list of backup)

5) Appcmd restore backup “backupName”

6) Appcmd  delete backup “backupName”

7)appcmd list appVdir  (Virtual Directory)

8)appcmd list WP  (Worker Process)

9)APPCMD list sites /state:Stopped

10)APPCMD list sites /state:Started

11) APPCMD list sites /serverAutoStart:false /state:Stopped

12) APPCMD add site /name:MyNewSite /bindings:”http/*:81:” /physicalPath:”C:MyNewSite


Appcmd list apppool
appcmd list apppool "DefaultAppPool"
appcmd list apppool /autoStart:false
appcmd list wp /apppool.name:"DefaultAppPool"
appcmd list request /site.name:"Default Web Site"

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