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IIS 6.0 Performance

How to improve IIS Server performance?

Below bullets will clear you on above question.

1. CPU Monitoring:

CPU monitoring feature monitors and automatically shuts down worker processes that consume large amounts of CPU time. CPU monitoring is enabled for individual application pools.

Go To Application pool property Performance tab Enable CPU monitoring. You can set max CPU usage & action can set when CPU usage reached to maximum—like shutdown or no action you can set. Also you can set Refresh CPU usage after minute.

2. HTTP Compression 
You can enable HTTP compression server-wide or on a specific directory. HTTP compression improves bandwidth utilization and speeds up Web site performance. In addition, you can compress static or dynamic responses.

3. Few active steps to get optimal performance
     Create application pools and assign applications to them.
Recycle worker processes in one of the following ways:

  • Recycle by elapsed time.
  • Recycle by number of requests.
  • Recycle at scheduled times.
  • Recycle on a memory.

4. Tune performance by completing the following steps:

  • Configure idle time-out for worker processes.
  • Configure a request queue limit.
  • Configure Web gardens.

5. Manage application pool health by completing the following steps:

  • Configure worker process pinging.
  • Configure rapid-fail protection for worker processes.
  • Configure the startup time limit for worker processes.
  • Configure the shutdown time limit for worker processes.
  • Enable debugging for application pool failures.
  • Configure application pool identity.

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