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IIS 6.0 Performance

How to improve IIS Server performance? Below bullets will clear you on above question. 1. CPU Monitoring: CPU monitoring feature monitors and automatically shuts down worker processes that consume large amounts of CPU time. CPU monitoring is enabled for individual application pools. Go To Application pool property Performance tab Enable CPU monitoring. You can set …

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IIS Admin CMD   How to start/stop IIS   services from command prompt   To restart IIS services                                                          iisreset /restart To stop IIS services                                                                iisreset /stopTo start IIS services                                                               iisreset /start To check the status of the IIS services                                   iisreset   /status To start the SMTP service                                                        net start smtpsvc To start …

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Metabase- IIS backup resotore

Metabase: Meta base is roughly equivalent to the registry of IIS, it holds all the configuration information for IIS. In previous versions, the meta-base was binary file that could be edited only by the meta-base editor, part of the resource kit. In IIS 6, meta-base is a XML text file that can be edited with …

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How to Configure PHP on Server 2003 1) Download PHP at http://www.php.net/downloads.php. Make sure you dowload the “zip package”, the installer package won’t work. And extract the zip folder at C:PHP 2) Rename C:PHPPHP.INI-RECOMMENDED to PHP.INI 3) Open the ‘php.ini’ file and find the line extension_dir = “./” and change it to extension_dir = “C:PHPext”. …

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