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Nov 25

How to secure your Website in IIS?

How to secure your website in IIS. 1. Don’t Turn On Directory Browsing, directory browsing allows anyone can see the list of directories. 2. Lock Down cmd.exe command prompt is a common way for hackers to get control of a system. 3. Avoid Basic Authentication it sends the username and password combination in clear text, …

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Nov 22

Optimizing a Page-Load


Optimizing a Page-Load Performance Profile By optimizing page-load performance profiles, you can provide more efficient Web sites for your users. Begin by making sure that HTTP Keep-Alives are enabled, enabling HTTP compression if appropriate for your Web sites, and setting expiration dates on the files associated with your Web pages. Then identify your slow-loading files, …

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Nov 20

What secure encryption mechanism is there in IIS 6.0?


Encryption Mechanism in IIS Basic authentication Digest authentication Advanced digest authentication Certificate-based Web transactions that use PKCS #7/PKCS #10 Fortezza, SSL Server-Gated Cryptography Transport Layer Security     Related articles How To Renew SSL Certificate IIS IIS What is encryption? DigiCert SSL Certificate Installation Exchange Managing SSL Certificates with Microsoft IIS How To Renew SSL …

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